Branding is a consistent and cohesive communication of the attributes, behaviors, characteristics and values that an entity represents.

The representation of your brand takes tangible and intangible forms. Many times, a logo becomes synonymous as the brand. However, while a well thought out logo can certainly provide credibility, especially for local businesses, branding should treat the logo and treatment of marketing materials as the conclusion of a branding process rather than the start of it. In other words, a logo is part of a brand, not the complete brand representation.

When we consider the process of branding, we start with an examination of the current products and the business mission. There are big differences between a company marketing products vs services (not tangible (a customer can’t touch and see the product before deciding to make a purchase).

At the same time, we want to get an understanding of how and why the business came to be. What is the heart felt passion? This is critical because there can be a discrepancy if the true business passion is not being manifested in the current operation of the business. This is a hot button issue that needs to be explored. A small businesses passion can be suppressed for a variety of factors. If cohesive branding is to take place, there can’t be a gap between what the business would genuinely like to do versus what it is offering.