(New York, NY) – Summer is the time for active men to be outdoors – from enjoying recreational activities, to participating in sporting events, to working on household projects or just relaxing on the beach. Unfortunately for millions of men, the summer can be especially drying on their faces, between exposure to sunlight, perspiration, chlorine and sunscreen.

Dry Skin Product for Men Recommendation

Research shows, male skin tends to be more sensitive to the sun than females. As any man can testify to, when their face is dry, it’s uncomfortable and itchy. Over time, dry skin can lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Because most facial moisturizers were originally developed for females, the options available on store shelves don’t adequately address men’s skin care concerns.

This summer, Manumission Skin Care for Men is unveiling its “Combat Summer” Campaign, which will insure active men faces will be completely hydrated and free from dryness. Accordingly, for every purchase of a Manumission Skin Care product or package on ManumissionSkinCare.com, customers will receive a free, full sized Manumission Facial Moisturizer.

“Exposure to the sun might give you some good color, but nothing dries out a man’s face faster. One of the most effective treatments for dry skin is the use of a military grade skin product such as Manumission’s High Performance Facial Moisturizer, which is rich in essential fatty acids and oils, vitamins and minerals, nutrients, botanical extracts, and antioxidants that hydrate and soothe the skin with just one daily application.

This non-irritating formula, which is suitable for all men’s skin types, doesn’t leave any greasy residue,” said Dan Ostrower, Founder and President of Manumission. Our facial moisturizer was developed based on feedback from soldiers working in a diverse range of climates and a variety professional athletes. The skin of these groups can really take a beating, so Manumission is always up to the challenge of helping men take care of their skin,” Ostrower added.

All Manumission Skin Care products for men, which are made in America, are formulated with premium ingredients that active men can use to clean, hydrate, invigorate and protect their skin everyday without drying the skin and leaving a greasy residue.

About Manumission Skin Care
Manumission Skin Care is a privately held company, which was founded in 2008 to develop skin care products for men with dry skin, those that experience skin irritations from shaving and men who frequently perspire. The company to date has released five products, including a Body Bar, Body Wash, Shave Gel, Face Wash and Facial Moisturizer. Manumission’s research and development team is continually developing new formulas and products. Manumission’s products are distributed in the United States and Canada with plans for European expansion in 2013.