Local Business Listings Management

Get Found and Stand Out In Local Searches and Directories

Local business listings are online informational sources that contain basic information such as their company name, phone number, address, hours of operation, photos, videos and possibly reviews or ratings. Many local listings are included into search results in organic and maps searches.

Getting your business listed correctly and consistently across relevant online directories will help you to get found, attract new customers, drive in-store traffic, and ultimately increase revenue. Business Sense Marketing will make sure you can be found wherever your prospects are searching.

Drive More Business from
Local Searches

Improve your search results
rankings so more people can
find you with accurate and
complete directory listings.

Don’t Lose Revenue to
Incorrect Business Info

Our team will make sure your
key business info is always
current across 20+ local
directories so you don’t miss a

Get Listed in Key Directories
Relevant to Your Business

We’ll find the right directories
across the web for your business,
get you listed, and maintain your
information so you don’t have to.

Business categories
Hours of operation
Business description
Driving directions
Payment forms accepted
Customer Reviews
Owner Feedbacj
Links to social media Sites
Email addresses
Fax numbers
Alternate phone numbers