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Marketing Plan Development


It’s often a challenge for business owners to understand which marketing strategies and activities are most effective. By working with Business Sense Marketing, small businesses have a partner who they can colloborate with.

Business Sense Marketing is able to drive the marketing plan process, extracting information from our clients, providing supplemental information, collaborating on decision making and putting the plan together in a concise and connected manner.


A marketing plan provides a clear reference platform for evaluating, prioritizing and selecting marketing activities. It is also typically a requirement for funding a business.

Developing a marketing plan can require considerable research on your market, your competitors, and so forth.

The planning process provides a unique opportunity for gathering information and encouraging objective discussions. But it is time well spent given the importance of optimally using your limited resources.

Provide direction to achieve business goals.

Evaluate and prioritize marketing activities.

Allocate resources in an optimal manner.


The nature of your business and the uses for your marketing plan defines its contents.

– Situational Analysis
– Mission Statement
– SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
– Product / Service Description
– Competitive Analysis
– Product Positioning
– Target Market / Customer Profiles
– Unique Value Propositions
– Budget / Resources
– Marketing Strategies
– Marketing Activities
– Marketing Calendar
– Identification of Key Metrics
– 3 Year Proforma

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